Interest / Platform

In speaking with parents and students in the community a common theme and concern was raised by many around the following:

  • Arts & Athletics- both competitive and recreational
  • Mandatory swimming programs in all elementary schools
  • More athletic programs and clubs in high school
  • More science based and university level courses in high school

As your candidate for the Upper Grand District School Board I plan to advocate for those needs.

Here are some areas that I believe are important to help develop our youth and community, however it is important to note that it is not my views that are important but the views of the many students, teachers and parents that I would represent.

Arts & Athletics

Research continues to show that students who participate in Arts and Athletics perform better academically, have improvements in attendance and positive behavioral attitudes.  I believe having well rounded students involved in more than just academics help them to prioritize better, feel better, have a sense of community, develop great team work and collaboration skills and have an overall beneficial effect in their lives.  I plan to continue offering the free drop in program to encourage our youth to come out and play, develop leadership, collaboration and team building skills in a safe environment.  I will work with our schools to find out specific needs and priorities and advocate for those needs.

Literacy & Numeracy

I believe reading can transport a child into a whole new world and opens up their imagination to new adventures.  Every child should have the opportunity to develop a love for reading and as such I plan to explore opportunities to incorporate more reading and storytelling in every school.

Financial literacy is another point that is dear to my heart.  Many students leave high school not equipped for post-secondary, a job or adulthood.  I plan to work with our schools and community leaders to find creative ways to incorporate financial literacy in our schools that will prepare our students for the world.  This includes the basics of budgeting and saving, opening a bank account and planning for the future.


I plan to advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in our schools while ensuring that it is inclusive for all students.


Health & Safety

Mental health continue to be a stigma in society and we need to get beyond hiding and putting it behind closed doors. I will work with our schools, support groups and community to advocate for ongoing support around mental health, anxiety and cyberbullying to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all.