October 22, 2018

Meet Alethia

I am a wife, proud mom of three amazing children (Jhordane, Amoy and Hayden), and a community leader who is passionate about supporting our youth so they are empowered to be our future leaders.

I believe every child should have the opportunity to access the resources and support required to reach their full potential. As a parent in this school board district, I know first-hand the needs of this community and that is one of the many reasons why my husband Alton and I created the very first and only free drop in program in Shelburne!

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Fostering an inclusive environment where all students and families can thrive.


Giving a voice to our youth and advocating for families.

Youth Development

Providing support to our youth so that they are empowered to be our future leaders.

Leadership you can count on
Role of a Trustee

A trustee’s role is to ensure that there is a focus on student achievement, and well-being as well as to participate in various decision making processes that benefit the entire district while advocating and representing the interests of their community. This role means communicating the key decisions and views of the board back to the community.

As your candidate for the Upper Grand District School Board, I am passionate about education and empowering our youth to be future leaders. That is why I am running to be your next UGDSB Trustee to be able to help provide the resources and tools required to empower our youth and community.

As your trustee I will foster open communication with the board and community. I will work with council to help build a strong community and advocate for our youth. I will be Accessible, Present and Visible to all.

Responsibilities of your trustee’s include:

  • Ensuring continuous improvement in our students’ achievement
  • Working with administrators and community to set policies and budgets within the scope of provincial framework and legislation
  • Establish local budgets and ensuring schools and staff have the resources required to meet policies and priorities
  • Ensure that directors of education are held accountable for meeting polices, and keeping within budget